Praise for Rescue Global from the Director General Military Staff, NATO

News Post date May 19, 2015

Praise for Rescue Global today, from HQ NATO, Director General Military Staff, Sir Chris Harper KBE:

Regarding: Nepal, May 2015, Rescue Global in response to the devastating 7.8 MT earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April, some 81km from the capital Kathmandu, Rescue Global immediately activated their Crisis and Disaster Resilience Alliance (CaDRA).

Drawing upon the diverse skills of their disaster management experts led by David Jones, this allowed Rescue Global personnel, academics, International Non-Governmental Organisations and industry to react swiftly and effectively in aligning with the intent and specific requests of the Nepalese Government.

Having watched this process from NATO HQ in Brussels, I saw that Rescue Global’s strategic leadership skills, and their dynamic and innovative management of their partners, appeared to perfectly match the needs of a very tricky operating situation.

In a congested, contested and unwittingly over-crowded environment the organisation seemed able to operate with rapidity, wisely and with positive effect.

I was particularly pleased to see Rescue Global standing firmly by its stated values of working directly to the nation impacted by a disaster by seeking to mentor and empower, rather than simply responding and delivering.

I also noted the organisation’s testing of a new approach to the use of people, computers and social media, to identify Search and Rescue targets of interest. This included a clever blending of imagery from Rescue Global CaDRA partners in theatre with stock library material to produce mapping and briefing products that were used by commanders in theatre to deploy Urban Search and Rescue, as well as Medical teams to best effect.

Once again, Rescue Global’s utilisation of state of the art technology coupled with their ceaseless pursuit of continuous performance improvement was usefully brought to the fore.

Rescue Global’s efforts and achievements are remarkable. The organisation continues to stand out from the crowd. In this environment it is certainly an NGO that deserves to be closely watched.

Sir Christopher Harper KBE

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