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Special Projects

Rescue Global conducts high level research and development, testing technologies and practices which take in a broad picture view of the socio-cultural, economic and security impacts of crisis and disasters.

In partnership with leading academic institutes, the private sector and think tanks, we conduct research into new and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and complex data visualisation using augmented and virtual reality.

Special Projects

Academic and commercial research and trials

In partnership with leading academic institutes and think tanks, we conduct research into new and emerging technologies, practices and the application of artificial intelligence, complex risk analysis, the trends and impacts of climate change and all of the major disciplines involved in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response (DRR&R). We also conduct field trials of technology and products, working in collaboration with both academic and industry partners.

As a NGO with its feet in both the theoretical and the practitioner space of DRR&R, Rescue Global offers developers and manufacturers the opportunity to test, embed and co-develop technology and products with Rescue Global and any of our partners, for the purpose of ensuring that all are fit for purpose, reflecting the needs of the user at all levels.

Multi-agency training and exercises

As part of our commitment to partnership working and the empowerment of decision makers, we take part in and host training which brings together the stakeholders and actors involved, especially in the planning and response phase of operations, with an emphasis on the development of collaboration between government, NGOs, the private sector, military and academia.

We participate in training with military and emergency services worldwide, and also conduct training for clients - both public and private sector.

Critical National Infrastructure Projects

​Many of our long-term projects with governments worldwide focus on protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). CNI includes major transport links, such as airports and ports, energy infrastructure, and communications networks. CNI is so fundamental to the effective functioning of an economy and a nation, that it makes sense to target major resilience projects on these national assets. Coupled with this focus, we also undertake national projects on those hazards that are most likely to affect CNI, such as flooding.

Modern Slavery Act

The impacts of a disaster don’t cease once the worst of the crisis has passed, and some of these impacts are less evident than the immediate relief and aid needs. Sadly, disasters are frequently a catalyst to individuals becoming vulnerable to exploitation, either through the breakdown of community and family structures, through economic desperation, or because criminal groups take advantage of the chaos that follows a disaster. There is a direct correlation between disaster events and people being trafficked through criminal networks. Resilience Global works on projects that counter modern slavery, in collaboration with key agencies and organisations worldwide.

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