Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria damage assessments

Zooniverse, the University of Oxford and the Planetary Response Network, in collaboration with Rescue Global, are working to create heat maps of hurricane damage in the Caribbean. We are sharing these maps with other disaster response and recovery organisations to use in the coordination of efforts.

The heat maps are intended to give an approximate indication of priority areas of greatest damage or need, in order to supplement assessments and ground truth intelligence. They are generated by crowdsourced classification of satellite imagery, using algorithms developed by the University of Oxford. Currently, these heat maps show data collected after Hurricane Irma, before Hurricane Maria. We are now working to create further maps of the impact of Hurricane Maria, with a focus on Dominica, which will be added to this page as soon as they are completed.

Read more about this partnership here.


Anegada Flood and Damage (Tomnod)



Anguilla Flood and Damage (Tomnod)

Dominica (Following Hurricane Maria)

Dominica Building Damage Proportion

Dominica Flood

Dominica Road Blockage

Dominica Structural Damage

Dominica Temporary Settlement


Caicos Flood

Caicos Road Blockage

Caicos Structural Damage

Caicos Temporary Settlement


Guadaloupe Flood

Guadaloupe Road Blockage

Guadaloupe Structural Damage

Guadaloupe Temporary Settlement

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Building Density

Puerto Rico % occupied housing units Puerto Rico 2010 US Census

St Bart

St Bart Flood and Damage (Tomnod)

St John

St John Flood

St John Road Blockage

St John Structural Damage

St John Temporary Settlements

St Maarten

St Maarten Flood and Damage (Tomnod)


St Thomas Flood and Damage (Tomnod)

St Thomas Flood Magnitude

St Thomas Flood

St Thomas Road Blockage Magnitude

St Thomas Road Blockage

St Thomas Structural Damage Magnitude

St Thomas Structural Damage

St Thomas Temporary Settlement Magnitude

St Thomas Temporary Settlements


Tortola Flood and Damage (Tomnod)


Turks Flood

Turks Road Blockage

Turks Structural Damage

Turks Temporary Settlement

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Flood and Damage (Tomnod)

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