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Rescue Global Supporting Hurricane Dorian Response in Bahamas

News Post date September 21, 2019

Rescue Global (RG) have been based at the NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas) office and the National Training Centre Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Nassau. The EOC is the central command and control facility responsible for carrying out the principles of emergency preparedness and emergency management at a strategic level, and is where representatives of the responding agencies have been based to coordinate their efforts over the past two weeks since Hurricane Dorian made landfall.

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Rescue Global Deploys to the Bahamas in Response to Hurricane Dorian

News Post date September 13, 2019

Rescue Global have been supporting the Hurricane Dorian response in the Bahamas for the last two weeks from the UK by enabling national-led response efforts, our stakeholder network and our partner organisations on the ground.

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Partners on Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

News Post date September 8, 2019

24 Commando Royal Engineers (24Cdo) provide the military engineering support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Held at Very High Readiness to deploy worldwide, highly trained commando engineers using modern technology enable the Royal Marines to understand, live, move and fight. Rescue Global believes that these Commando Sappers (engineers) are the perfect choice for Disaster Response Operations as, like Rescue Global disaster response personnel, their training allows them to be self-sufficient anywhere in the world. Their current Troop in the Bahamas, as well as working from (ship) Mounts Bay, they remain on the ground to work through the night, rather than return to the ship.

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Rescue Global, the University of Oxford and the Zooniverse relaunch the Planetary Response Network in Hurricane Dorian Response

News Post date September 7, 2019

Rescue Global, the University of Oxford and the Zooniverse are once again joining forces to relaunch The Planetary Response Network in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Last year, we jointly deployed to rapidly map and damage assess the islands worst hit in the Caribbean following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The project saw 6,028 global volunteers make 278,541 classifications of pre-and post storm satellite imagery that helped create “heat maps” of damaged and affected areas potentially requiring urgent assistance.

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Rescue Global and Partners Deploy Rotary Assets in Hurricane Dorian Response

News Post date September 4, 2019

In collaboration with our dedicated partners, Rescue Global have deployed specialist rotary (helicopter) aviation assets along with expert Liaison Officers and Advisors, to support the current responding emergency medical services and official agencies assisting with the relief efforts following Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

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Rescue Global Deliver Humanitarian Assessment Training to 30 Commando Royal Marines at RMB Chivenor

News Post date August 16, 2019

Next week, Rescue Global will be based at RMB Chivenor delivering the first of hopefully many training cadres for UK military special operations teams who deploy on humanitarian missions, the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS).

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Computer Scientists and Rescue Global Enhance Crowdsourcing Techniques for Sustainable Disaster Relief

News Post date July 29, 2019

Southampton researchers have partnered with WeRobotics and Rescue Global for the project, which will draw conclusions that are relevant for all humanitarian relief, citizen science and crowdsourcing projects that struggle to maintain engagement.

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David Radford-Wilson MBE Joins Rescue Global

News Post date July 9, 2019

Rescue Global is happy to announce that Colonel David Radford-Wilson MBE is joining us to work on Commercial Operations and Special Projects. David, currently who serves as one of our non-executive directors, will lead on a number of contracts delivering valuable services to our clients.

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Rescue Global Sign Three-Year Contract with British FCO for Crisis & Disaster Response Services

News Post date July 5, 2019

Rescue Global have signed a three-year contract with the British Government to support and augment the worldwide Crisis and Disaster Response capability for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

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Rescue Global Achieves ISO:9001 (2015) Recertification

News Post date July 2, 2019

Rescue Global is once again proud to announce that we have secured the prestigious and globally-recognised ISO:9001 (2015) Risk and Quality Management System, following our full recertification on Friday 28th of June 2019. Rescue Global was assessed in our new office in Cornwall by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to review how we apply this standard to our life-saving work worldwide.

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