Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Update

News Post date October 2, 2018

Rescue Global is officially engaged in response to this event. We are coordinating planning for the following immediate effects:

  • The delivery of up to 500 water filters in strategic locations to provide clean water as a priority. We provided the number of filters in the Philippines in response to Super Typhoon Haiyan, providing water for 50,000 people for 5 years
  • The gathering of reconnaissance footage through the use of RPAS / UAS / UAVs, to enable decision making at national level and for other actors such as others NGOs. We did this in the Caribbean recently in response to Hurricane Maria, generating heat maps, making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that we have developed
  • The possible deployment of a Pathfinder and Advisory Team, to ensure the achievement of these effects, alignment with host nations needs, and the drawing in our partner NGOs, the private sector, academia and others in a collaborative effort

NOTE: The government of the impacted nation has not officially requested international aid, although it is now saying that all offers of assistance will be reviewed. Rescue Global is therefore now engaged with and through our partners for best effect.

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