Rescue Global Achieves ISO:9001 (2015) Recertification

News Post date July 2, 2019

Rescue Global is once again proud to announce that we have secured the prestigious and globally-recognised ISO:9001 (2015) Risk and Quality Management System, following our full recertification on Friday 28th of June 2019. Rescue Global was assessed in our new office in Cornwall by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to review how we apply this standard to our life-saving work worldwide. It is very important to us that not only meet this standard, but that we exceed it. This is because of the wide variety of environments and situations in which we operate, often termed VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). Rescue Global states that we will, “risk our lives in a highly controlled manner, to save saveable life”. So, to be able to plan, deliver, evaluate and go again with minimal delay, it is essential that we operate to the highest levels of risk management, continuous performance improvement, impact assessment and stakeholder engagement that we can. ISO9001:2015, along with other standard that we apply, such as the UK Government Cabinet Office approved MoR (methodology of risk), allows us to benchmark against best practices. In fact, the way that Rescue Global uses ISO9001:2015, led to our presenting at the BSI AGM with regards to Resilience, and appearing in previous BSI Strategic Reviews. We are proud to partner with BSI, as change agents in our sector.

Working in crisis, disaster risk reduction and response, where people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake and in some of the most vulnerable nations in the world, Rescue Global aims to set the standard (high) for excellence in the Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief (HADR) and Resilience sector (for all clients types worldwide. As a result, we have been selected by the BSI as their case study in excellence for the effective transition from the 2008 ISO:9001 standard to the 2015 version, and we are the provider of Fire Life Safety and other Hazard Risk Management for Amercian Express in Asia Pacific.

The updated ISO9001 accreditation centres on risk management, as well as accounting for new trends in globalisation and the requirement for increased engagement with an array of diverse stakeholders. Rescue Global finds this an incredibly compelling tool for not only giving comfort to such prestigious clients, but also as a business and operations manual which adds value and resilience across the entire value chain of many organisations.

The entire team at Rescue Global is committed to our values and governance, which we hold dear and which are central to our kind of organisation. Each of us continues to ensure the full integration of the ISO:9001 standard across our diverse projects, and while this reflects the long-term hard work of our entire team (most of whom are now BSI trained and qualified auditors), we pay particular recognition to the Rescue Global Risk Team, who champion our governance standards and who work to maintain our global leadership status in our sector.

“We take governance very seriously, including, but not limited to, our ISO:9001 accreidtation, working in partnership with BSI. With our transition to the new ISO:9001 (2015), which is quality and risk management focused, we are proud to be an early adopter and case study for the BSI, our partners in the transition. We are very proud of the Risk Management Team at Rescue Global, who helped bring the ISO:9001 standard into Rescue Global in the first place and who have seen it through to our successful re-certification and transition to the new standard, with never a single non-conformity to date (unparralled into our sector, and many others). Rescue Global aims to be a thought leader in the humanitarian sector, including in quality and risk management. Our governance is often why we are able to punch at the weight we do, and why the high level of strategic partners we have are keen to work with us. Onwards.”

Click here to read more about our Values and Governance, and what they mean for demonstrating and evidencing our “Excellence in Adversity”.

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