Rescue Global and Partners Deploy Rotary Assets in Hurricane Dorian Response

News Post date September 4, 2019

In collaboration with our dedicated partners, Rescue Global have deployed specialist rotary (helicopter) aviation assets along with expert Liaison Officers and Advisors, to support the current responding emergency medical services and official agencies assisting with the relief efforts following Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Major Hurricane Dorian became the Atlantic region’s fifth Category 5 hurricane in the past four years, and joint most powerful storm to make landfall in modern history, with sustained wind speeds of 185mph and gusts of up to 220mph at its peak. Making Dorian even more dangerous however, has been its extremely slow forward motion, sometimes moving at only 1-2mph, meaning that it has remained almost stationary over Grand Bahama and Abaco islands, bringing intense and sustained rainfall as well as storm surge of up to 23ft in places. For many islands lying below sea level, this has caused catastrophic damage and will bring with it severe disruption for months to come.

In response, Rescue Global have joined the deployment of an H-225 Airbus Helicopter (long-range tactical transport military helicopter) with a hoist and full crew, along with further assets, including an AS-332 (twin-engine, medium-size utility helicopter) and a Bell 412 (twin-engine utility helicopter) with a hoist, currently staged in Florida and North Carolina, for additional capability as required.

Noting that official requests for international agency support have so far been minimal, any humanitarian and relief efforts, however well intended, should be coordinated through the regional response mechanisms and official agencies leading the effort. Rescue Global respects this and is cooperating with those agencies.

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