Rescue Global Deploys to the Bahamas in Response to Hurricane Dorian

News Post date September 13, 2019

Rescue Global have been supporting the Hurricane Dorian response in the Bahamas for the last two weeks from the UK by enabling national-led response efforts, our stakeholder network and our partner organisations on the ground. This involved the production of cutting edge mapping facilities developed by our partners at the University of Oxford and the Zooniverse, through rapidly processed satellite imagery immediately following Dorian that enabled safe and targeted damage and needs assessments to be initiated. Work continues on the classification of imagery that helps us prioritise safe and targeted assessment and relief efforts - please keep assisting us at the Planetary Response Network.

We are now amplifying our assistance to the relief coordination by deploying a team to the Bahamas to directly support NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas) and CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency), as well as our partner organisations with assessing needs in harder-to-reach areas of the Grand Bahama and Abaco islands, with last-mile aviation provision for moving medical personnel and aid resources across islands and around heavily damaged infrastructure, and with the coordination of logistical support where needed.

Updates on our work in the field to come shortly - follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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