Rescue Global Launches Ultimate Facemask Product Series

News Post date May 31, 2020

Ultimate Facemask is a product series Rescue Global is now offering to our clients, all businesses, the general public and healthcare professionals, worldwide. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, we have responded as we always do, supporting our clients globally, including official government agencies, one of the world’s leading financial institutions and vulnerable countries as we head into a number of tropical cyclone seasons around the world, some of which are predicted to be worse than usual in 2020 due to climate change.

While working through our enterprise risk management, risk assessments, workflow analysis and procurement for many clients from a wide range of sectors, some common themes have emerged in light of the global COVID19 pandemic. Anyone trying to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to official agencies, will empathise.

For the general public, many countries dithered with regards to the benefits of using “face masks”. This not as simple a subject as many seem think, as:

  • There are many different types of masks, from the face covering type, to those rated for clinical settings
  • Few countries wanted to prompt the public to use any masks of any kind, as they understandably wanted and needed to keep supply lines flowing for official agencies
  • In many jurisdictions, a huge amount of counterfeit goods started to appear in the market
  • Certified or useful products, were (many still are) subject to predatory pricing

Rescue Global therefore decided to enter this market, in a typically (positive) disruptive way. Our response: we are now providing THREE key products:

The Public Mask: our primary product. A comfortable, hard wearing, reusable, washable, environmentally friend face covering for public use during public health emergencies such as the COVID19 outbreak.

The Professional Mask: Is the offering from Rescue Global, for professional use only. Officially rated at FFP2, the European equivalent of the N95 respirator which is used in the USA. Meeting the exact guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A comprehensive COVID SECURE consultancy: for organisations needing to get back to effective working, whilst providing safe systems of work for the employees, and customers. Rescue Global are world leaders in organisational resilience, with expert staff who are trained, insured and highly experienced in this precise field of work. Able to help organisations with risk assessments, workflow planning, enterprise risk management, procurement and much more. See more details here.

Rescue Global have teamed up with some of the world’s leading risk management, artificial intelligence and machine learning academic institutions, including their partners at University College London (UCL), Institute of Risk and Disaster Risk Reduction, the University of Southampton’s Centre for Machine Learning and The Alan Turing Institute. All are supporting the science with people, technology and 5% of all profits, to enable more accurate prediction, protection, warning and informing of the public before, during and after national emergencies including pandemics and other crises.

All profits from Rescue Global’s Ultimate Facemask sales are used to provide masks for medical, health care and emergency service professionals: hospitals, ambulances, fire brigades and police forces, for off duty use. We support them, so that they are better able to serve the public in these challenging times.

As we move beyond the COVID19 peak and into a changed emerging landscape, see how Rescue Global’s Ultimate Facemask is providing vital safety and support services to individuals and organisations across a multitude of sectors, while giving back to our emergency services community here.

To learn more about our products, enquire about COVID Secure business consultancy and to purchase masks, see the Ultimate Facemask website.

Keep up-to-date with COVID19 safety advice and how Rescue Global are supporting businesses, emergency services professionals and the general public through Ultimate Facemask here: Twitter and LinkedIn.

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