Rescue Global Pathfinders attend Search Management for Land and Water Operations course

News Post date October 17, 2018

During emergencies and times of crisis, search and rescue (SAR) is an important skill in the effort to locate missing persons. This requires coordination and appropriate management. Rescue Global Pathfinders (PFs) are increasingly involved in both conducting search operations and managing these missions. For that reason, the Pathfinder team have recently returned from Outreach Rescue, North Wales, having completed the Search Management for Land and Water Operations. This allows all members of the team to effectively plug into a search team at either an operational or command level, to aid in locating and saving lives.

A variety of subjects was covered during the course, from the theory of missing persons and search theory to the physical skills of land and water searching. Through classroom-based training, understanding the patterns of lost person(s) and their behaviour was explored. Practical based learning allowed the Pathfinder team to understand the complexities of finding missing people.

This all further develops the skills of the Pathfinder team whilst allowing the facilitation of lifesaving interventions.

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