Rescue Global Presents at Investing in UK International Development Conference, London

News Post date September 19, 2018

​This week, Rescue Global attended the Investing in UK International Development conference in London delivering a special keynote speech and taking part in key discussions at strategic level.

Designed for development charities, NGOs, think tanks and research organisations, the conference provided the opportunity to examine the most pressing challenges currently facing the international development sector. Delegates were also informed of key updates on the work of the International Development Select Committee and the Independent Commission on Aid Impact (ICAI) on scrutinising UK International Development policy and aid spending.

Speaking on the importance of embedding excellence: governance, standards, transparency and efficiency, Rescue Global presented our approach to engaging with stakeholders, implementing and evaluating organisational activities, tracking true and lasting impact, and ensuring enterprise wide governance, which amongst other things effectively addresses issues around safeguarding. We offered compelling and thought-provoking insight into our sector’s key challenges as well as understanding how we specifically addresses these effectively through managing the risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies that underpin the entirety of our work.

Through fostering a culture of genuine and continuous improvement, we stand apart in actively promoting collaboration over competition, and ensure that our high standards of governance add value through the entire organisation. As such standards are underpinned and developed through external accreditation and verification, we consistently demonstrate commitment to the values centred leadership that is vital for building and maintaining trust among donors, partners and recipients.

To read more about the values and governance that enable us to advocate for much needed change in our sector, and allow us to lead by example, see our website.

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