Rescue Global signs Memorandum of Understanding with Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)

News Post date September 19, 2018

Deputy CEO Hannah pathak today signed an MoU partnership with CDEMA in Barbados, on behalf of Rescue Global. This momentous occasion comes after a year of relationship building through our ongoing support of Caribbean preparedness efforts.

Having worked closely together since our three month Caribbean hurricane response operation at the end of 2017, attending joint conferences and facilitating collaborative workshops and training, the RG team are proud to have formalised our partnership with CDEMA. As a key step towards our joint learning and understanding, reflection on and critical analysis of the events of one year ago have enabled us to begin to plan together for a stronger future. This important step again represents our commitment to upholding the sovereignty of nations, nurturing a supportive, inclusive and collaborative network of agencies, and to long-term Caribbean-wide resilience.

In the wake of Tropical Storm Isaac, and our first preparedness trip to the region ahead of a storm this Atlantic hurricane season, it is now more important than ever that such key strategic partnerships are solidified. As we continue to support national and regional government agencies in their efforts to strengthen Caribbean preparedness, we are now in the best position yet to launch effective, coordinated crisis response missions should they be required.

Watch the live recording of the MoU signing here

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