Rescue Global signs Memorandum of Understanding with Regional Security System (RSS)

News Post date September 19, 2018

Today Rescue Global signed an important MoU with Captain Errington R Shurland, Executive Director of Regional Security System (RSS) in Barbados.

RSS was formed as an alliance of Caribbean states in order to provide a collective response to security threats, offering mutual assistance on request. Their mission is to “ensure the stability and well-being of Member States through mutual cooperation, in order to maximise regional security in preserving the social and economic development of our people”, by conducting maritime, land and air activities throughout the wider CARICOM region.

Rescue Global will now officially be supporting RSS during disaster events through our aviation asset, our life support capacities, our reconnaissance cadre and plethora of specialist capabilities, in order to add value to RSS during critical crisis response events. We will also seek to support RSS year round, assisting in research, intelligence gathering and technical support to contribute to their efforts on counter-illicit networks that seriously and detrimentally impact on region-wide Caribbean resilience.

This crucial, newly-sealed partnership exemplifies our commitment to collaborative working and dedication to genuine, long-term resilience building.

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