Rescue Global Supports #NotATarget Campaign on World Humanitarian Day 2018

News Post date August 16, 2018

This year on Sunday 19th August, World Humanitarian Day is paying tribute to the civilians affected by conflict and the aid workers who risk their lives to assist them. The United Nations #NotATarget Campaign is demanding world leaders to protect all civilians caught up in conflict, whether they be local citizens or those in humanitarian service.

At Rescue Global, we recognise that many of today’s worst disasters are conflict-induced, and are often extreme, enduring and desperately underreported. Fragile and conflicted states often experience stresses related to natural hazards simultaneously to the challenges of conflict. Both exacerbate the vulnerability of the nation and its civilians and reduce their resilience to the other. Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in these settings is complex, usually with access significantly reduced. As such it is vital to work with and support local actors to strengthen local governance and build resilience.

Through our CaDRA network, we work in partnership with both domestic and international organisations, in the belief that supporting and empowering local actors in a locally-led humanitarian response is the best way to increase resilience. However, increased sovereignty comes with increased risks to those local actors and so we recognise our responsibility in supporting local organisations to ensure their safety and security.

To mark our support of the #NotATarget campaign, we have signed the open letter written as part of the Charter for Change aid localisation movement, and join the Charter for Change call for all parties in conflict to ensure safe access to people in need of humanitarian assistance, and the protection for all humanitarian and civil society personnel.

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