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Rescue Global works with governments worldwide in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. Our vision is one where events that become disasters are less frequent and less impactful, and that nations have real resilience to withstand them.

We work to enable and empower decision makers at nation-state level through collaborative projects, training, liaison, mentoring, and disaster reconnaissance missions.

Rescue Global works with governments in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response (DRR&R) throughout all phases of the disaster cycle: preparation, response, recovery

The guiding principles of our actions are that we must:

  • Empower local, national and regional decision makers
  • Do no harm to local capacity and levels of resilience in place, especially in the response phase
  • Improve the connectivity between NGOs and official agencies, in order to foster resilience and build local capacity
  • Strive to work ourselves out of a reason for existing, enabling a country to plan, prepare, respond and recover without the need for international aid

Our teams work to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, guided by our organisational values and governance.

We hold full ISO 9001:2015 certification in Quality and Risk Management. All of our activities we undertake follow a rigorous planning process, following the industry-approved Management of Risk (MoR) system. We have taken the best of military and emergency services planning and operations procedures to develop our own, externally-audited, highly professional practices. We hold comprehensive insurance suited to the projects that we undertake and the environments where we work.

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