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The work we do at Rescue Global requires that we employ some of the most accomplished people from their respective fields. Being motivated by a sense of service to others and a desire to continuously improve how we deliver upon the Rescue Global mission - To Save Life - in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Response (DRR&R) environment, is vital. Rescue Global is an equal opportunity employer, giving particular attention to the employment and re-deployment of military, government and emergency service veterans.

Our work at Rescue Global is made possible because of an efficient team of full-time, part-time, and qualified retained employees (hybrid part-time employment similar to the retained fire service or reserve military groups), along with paid interns and unpaid volunteers.

All of the positions at Rescue Global, no matter how employed, require extraordinary dedication, to include extended periods of deployed activity for training and operations, both domestically and abroad.

When a vacancy arises it will be posted on this page, with an overview of the position and instructions on how to apply. If there is no vacancy listed, we are not currently hiring. However, we encourage you to visit this page, and our volunteering page, often as we are a dynamic organisation with changing needs.



Summary - At Rescue Global we employ specialists from across the spectrum of military, emergency service, corporate, academic and NGO sectors. These highly-trained, expert personnel are key to everything we do, from crisis and risk management consultation to research, training and the delivery of response operations. However, expert personnel need expert leadership and support, to help them achieve great things, enhance their skills and ultimately save lives. The Pathfinder Team Leader plays a crucial part in all our operational delivery. As an experienced leader, manager and field operator you will thrive on the challenge of novel problems, dynamic situations and time-critical missions. Equally at home in the corporate environment as you are in the wilderness, you will be able to turn your project management skills to a range of situations, always keeping your team and your objectives at the forefront of your mind. If this sounds like you, then click below.

Location: Crawley, West Sussex based, with worldwide deployment.

Salary: £40,000 - £50,000

Applications for this position are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your interest.


Summary - The ability to quickly and effectively pass critical information is a key capability for Rescue Global. This need extends from our ongoing resilience and preparedness tasks all the way through to response operations in isolated communities, where phone networks, power and communications infrastructure have been rendered useless. Our Pathfinder Communications Specialists are able to rapidly assess the communications need of any situation, task or mission and provide innovative solutions to help us gather and transmit critical information to key decision makers and operators. Able to flexibly operate in a range of environments, and using the latest voice and data technology, you will have expert knowledge of handheld radios and satellite communications systems, with the sharpness of mind and raw initiative to create clever solutions to novel problems. Robust, motivated and with a good dose of humour, you will have genuine passion for saving lives and improving outcomes for victims of disaster. Click below to seize a truly unique opportunity in a role which is rarely the same from day-to-day, but is always challenging, stimulating and hugely rewarding.

Location: Crawley, West Sussex based, with worldwide deployment.

Salary: £35,000 - £40,000

Applications for this position are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the salaries for Rescue Global jobs calculated?

Rescue Global is an NGO, a non profit disaster response organisation, and our salaries are structured as such. It’s true that our salaries are not as high as in the private sector. Our salaries at Rescue Global are matched towards those in the emergency services, police, fire and NHS, and increased above these. We advertise roles in consultation with Subject Matter Experts in the respective fields and match / exceed salaries accordingly. In addition to the listed salary, Resilience Global has a pension scheme which has an ethical portfolio and into which we, as the employer, put in more than many in the public sector.

2. What is it like working at Rescue Global?

Working for Rescue Global is varied, challenging and always interesting. When not deployed operationally, our staff work at our Crawley HQ from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, we encourage flexible working and staff can shape their working patterns and hours to fit their lives. Many staff Work From Home one day a week and are able to take additional compensatory leave for time they spend deployed operationally (earned at a rate of 2.5 days per week away). Additionally, all staff are encouraged to conduct 1 hour of physical fitness training inside their working hours each day.

3. From which sources does Rescue Global receive funding?

Our website contains lots of information about our various funding streams and sources. In short: we receive grants for academic research that we conduct, donations to pay for missions in a disaster response and receive revenue from services for which we charge, such as risk management work with large international companies and corporations. We use profit (revenue remaining after cost of providing services to clients for whom we provide DIsaster Risk Reduction services) to pay our staff, maintain our equipment and sustain daily operations. We do not charge for response in vulnerable countries.

Rescue Global is committed to equal opportunities and we value a diverse team. Applications from women, minority and underrepresented groups are encouraged.

If you would like to reach out to us, please register your interest by using the Contact page. Please understand that we may not reply to requests for information or unsolicited job applications.

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