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Volunteering and interning at Rescue Global is a rewarding and insightful experience, which helps bring important skills to our work around the world.

As a non profit we have a responsibility to our clients and funders, and to those we assist, to build teams that are exceptional in their abilities and committed to our work. This results in a blend of full and part time employees along with highly motivated volunteers, with every individual bringing their skills to the team.

We are particularly keen to hear from individuals who have experience in our core activities, which include:

Virtual Teams

  • Standby Task Force Team members, analysing data from the field and generating intelligence for use in life saving missions
  • Developers, working on code, user experiences, specialist applications on multiple platforms, to support operations
  • Digital Mappers, working with partners to create maps with multiple layers of data, to inform operational activities

HQ Support Teams

  • Administration Support Team members, enabling scale in times of high operational tempo, at our HQs in London and New York
  • Planning Support Team Members, providing input and support to our operations and training planning team, at high tempo
  • Equipment Maintenance and Readiness Support Team members, working on the tools we use to save lives worldwide
  • Fundraising and Event Support Team members, facilitating business development, partnerships and events worldwide

Operational Teams

  • Part time and retained staff who take on some of the roles outlined in our Disaster Response and Disaster Risk Reduction sections

In accordance with our policies we shall not share your information with any third party. Should you have a skill-set or experience which we think may be relevant, we will contact you. Meanwhile we will keep you updated via email on our activities.

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