Rescue Global works hard to live in a world where disasters are less impactful and are responded to by national or regional resources. Our approach works to alleviate the negative effects that an international response can sometimes have, such as disempowering a country in the long term, whilst providing much needed relief in the short term

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Rescue Global is supporting the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in training Tajik and Afghan border forces in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in order to raise awareness of potential hazards, create a culture of preparedness and promote proactive, adaptive measures to reduce daily risk in a disaster-prone environment. LMT officers (Liaison, Mentoring and Training) are working with an in-country project team to deliver Disaster Risk Management (DRM) training at designated border crossings along the northern Afghanistan border. Read more


Risk Reduction for alpine Communities: RG attends Arc’teryx Alpine Academy June 21, 2016

When people hear the word ‘Alpine’ most conjure images of the European Alps and the lifestyle that thrives there with the high altitude environment shaping the lives of those that call it home. Read more


The Crisis and Disaster Resilience Alliance (CaDRA), is a Rescue Global initiative which fosters holistic resilience and builds capacity by uniting and empowering organisations across several key sectors, all of whom we feel should work within the full scope of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Response cycle. CaDRA leverages the meeting point of these diverse sectors and facilitates opportunities for collaboration. We increase efficiencies and save lives through innovation, cutting edge technology, disruptive methodologies and risking our lives in a highly controlled manner, to save saveable lives, whilst working ourselves of a job.

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Ensure that our Teams are trained and ready to deploy, supporting countries when disasters strike and helping to build resilient countries.
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Our work at Rescue Global is made possible because of an efficient team of full and part-time employees along with qualified volunteers.
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Volunteering with Rescue Global is a rewarding and insightful experience which brings important skills to our work around the world.
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