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In many disaster events worldwide, domestic or foreign militaries are some of the primary and most significant response agencies. In order for response coordination to be effective when it is needed most, Rescue Global develops partnerships with militaries in disaster-prone nations. We participate in joint training and exercises, to ensure that our efforts are aligned in a real-world event.

Domestic and international militaries are often one of the most significant responders in an emergency. With transport resources such as planes, helicopters and vehicles, and large, highly-trained teams, they frequently lead activities such as mass evacuations and mass distribution of aid.

At Rescue Global we believe that effective civil-military cooperation is essential if disaster response is to be rapid and aligned, and therefore protect and save lives. However, historically civil-military cooperation has been challenging, with either a reluctance to cooperate, or a lack of mutual knowledge hindering effectiveness.

We believe that the time to share practices is ideally not during an active crisis event, but instead through joint training and exercises. To this end we proactively develop partnerships with militaries in countries where we regularly respond, and participate in many civil-military activities in order to develop mutual understanding of capabilities.

Many members of the Rescue Global team come from a military background, and our planning processes have their basis in British military practices. This background helps us to bridge civil-military collaboration, helping us to work well with military partners in real world events.

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