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The NGO (non governmental organisation) community - both domestic to the country where a disaster has occurred, and international organisations, are a critical part of humanitarian response, as well as long-term development activities.

Rescue Global works in partnership with these, supporting their efforts by providing the kind of intelligence that enables decision-making and prioritises response action. We also work with specialist groups, such as Search and Rescue (SAR) and Medical, to augment our own work.

When a disaster occurs, NGOs, both domestic and international, are key players in providing relief, particularly at the community level. In addition, specialist organisations, such as Search and Rescue (SAR) groups, support national and international government and military efforts.

Rescue Global proactively partners with NGOs, both to extend our own work where particular specialisms such as Canine SAR are required, and also to facilitate links between these organisations and the government of the host nation, so that that the activities of these organisations are aligned with national efforts. Our specialist services include logistics and access (air, land and sea) support, and assessments and intelligence.

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